My Pot-head F(r)iend

I have recently run into an old school mate who I hadn’t seen since graduation. She seemed surprisingly overjoyed about our encounter. She rushed to tell me how she’d been, but strangely repeated herself quite a lot. I had a sense that she was finding it hard to focus on what I was occasionally contributing to her frantic waterfall of words.

‘I am a pot head’ she suddenly blurted out only to continue sharing through floods of tears her current efforts in fighting a 20 year-old addiction to marijuana. Suddenly her stories about insomnia nights and streams of narratives about things from the past she was trying to forget, but was missing her immediate appointments instead due to short-term memory deterioration started forming into one coherent whole.

I have found this link particularly helpful in trying to learn more about the effect marijuana has on the human body functioning, its side effects and some of the existing research in the area. The following YouTube videos provided me with some further insights on the effects weed has on our body and mind.

I have also found a current controversial debate on the medical usage of marijuana here.

One question I am yet to find an answer to is how my mate is currently coping with her attempts to weave herself off weed after their 20 year long co-existence. It is reassuring to know that she has got her GP and addiction therapist’s support. Yet, we have arranged to go for a coffee next week. I thought a friend would make a nice addition to her support network.  And when she forgets, I shall remind her.