Fat Talk Free Week

Fat Talk Free Week campaign launched for the first time in the UK this month (16th -22nd October 2011) aims to raise awareness and bring positive change to the concept of body image and the language commonly used in relation to it. Body image is a fundamental part of human identity and addressing the way we talk about it in the societal institutions such as family, school, and media has been long overdue. Derogatory and offensive words pronounced flippantly can scar those affected for life. Anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are only some of the outcomes of careless usage of sadly acceptable words, and constant portrayal of unrealistic and unreachable touched up photographic images of size-zero models.

This move is widely welcomed by Body Gossip and  Men Get it Too charities which help to de-stigmatise the existence of and provide support for males and females diagnosed with eating disorders and those living alongside and caring for them. Thanks to the Succeed Foundation, the organisers of the Fat Talk Free Week, we are currently making further steps towards promoting self-acceptance and self-care needed to nurture the inner potential and focus on the positives in all of us.

Here are the links to the above mentioned charities: