Seeds of ‘apple’

Death of Steve Jobs, co-founder of one of the most successful companies in the world, has given birth to so many emotions all around the world. People wondered about this man who began his life as an unwanted child and became so successful in a field that he cared and nurtured like the apple of his eyes. People started wondering, ‘what would they do without jobs?’

I can’t help thinking, why on earth this man who is personally known only to such a small bunch of individuals, his close family and some friends, touched so many people so deeply all around the globe?’

The first logical thought that troops up in my head is this: oh yes, apple products are so cute, so friendly that their emotional attachment to those gadgets is somehow linked to one man who is thought to be the one behind it all. Fair enough, no one can argue with that.

I feel that there is something more to it. This man was not in a better position than the vast majority of us in the world when he sow ‘the seed of an apple’ in his mind together with his friend. The company he gave birth is like an apple tree that has grown from as little as an apple seed to a huge tree that produces almost uncountable number of apple’s-gadgets. It has all started from a thought as little as a seed, then a small fragile plant that eventually grew and grew to become an immense power.

This greatness that he has managed to achieve is somehow part of every human being. I believe without a shadow of doubt that the same possibility of creating ‘something big’, to build a monument out of one’s own life is potentially possible for every human being. Albeit not being fully aware of the enormous potentiality of being human everyone is somehow in touch with it. But sadly for the vast majority of us, for reasons related to the contexts that we live in and also for the choices that we made, this potentiality remained untapped and inevitably it gives rise to all kinds of emotions. Regrets for what one could have become and how life could have been different. Yet, excitement for the possibilities still ahead. It is, I believe, the deep-seated awareness of one’s own potential to greatness that connects to great personalities like Steve Jobs, who reached a height which is rare yet possible to every human existence. In one sense, what people mourn when someone of his stature passes away is the loss of greatness in one’s own life for reasons related to contextual factors and personal choices. It is this connection that creates a sense of nostalgia for many – somewhere an awareness that tickles in one’s consciousness, ‘my life could have been different!’ The good news is that that feeling can be turned from its past tense to the present. My life could be different even from this moment on. The question is, ‘do you want to?’, ‘what holds you back?’