First-time Therapy User

If you are looking to find out about what goes on behind the closed doors of the counselling room, then Susie Orbach’s The Impossibility of Sex is the book for your reading list. Don’t let the slightly ambiguous title mislead you.  While reading it, you will have a thought-provoking taster of what happens in a therapeutic session. Moreover, you will have a unique opportunity to take a glimpse at the dilemmas and antagonising emotions of the therapist. Even though each plot is fictional, all of them closely reflect the dynamics which at times arise in therapists.

For those of you interested in a variety of therapeutic approaches, this book is an invitation to uncover how some psycho dynamic practitioners might work with you. Personally, I had a strong sense of the author’s capacity to present a detailed phenomenological account of her own processes and the lives of six clients appearing in the book.

It is written in an accessible language, yet stimulates the reader to do some investigative work into the issues uncovered and therapeutic approaches unveiled. It might also elevate your anxieties if you are a first time therapy-user.