Accepting the hindrances and pain that life brings can be even more challenging when having a diagnosis of Autism spectrum. Understanding and accepting life with a diagnosis can help you refocus your energy in exploring your unique talents and strengths. Learning how to control your reactions and manage stress effectively can help you reduce the feeling of overwhelming anxiety that is continuously limiting your opportunities in accomplishing your goals and having a meaningful life.

The transition to adulthood for majority of individuals on the spectrum is often further complicated as the provision of services available are terminated or severely reduced when people on the spectrum become adults.

While behavioural approaches have been at the forefront of treatments for individuals with ASD and pharmaceutical treatments still produce mixed results, both of these approaches fail to address the emotional issues of people on the spectrum. Emotional issues that have been left unresolved can have a negative impact on patient’s physical and psychological well being. We believe that psychotherapy offers space and time for people to address emotional issues, overcome barriers and crisis and move towards physical, mental and emotional well being that can be life-changing and empowering.

Our attentive specialists aim to reach out to people on the Autism spectrum (including Asperger Syndrome and High-functioning Autism)as well as their families, partners, spouses and friends.  Whilst he cognitive behavioural framework (CBT) is certainly part of our approach, the quality and strength of the therapeutic relationship remains at the forefront of the way we work.