Counselling and Psychotherapy

Our work is informed by a number of theoretical approaches and is always guided by the nature of your concerns and goals during your unique therapeutic journey. The philosophy of our work rests within the healing power of the therapeutic relationship. Scientific research continues to inform us that the roots of all physical imbalances can be found in emotional and psychological disturbances. Engaging in therapy can help you heal and prevent physical and mental illnesses. If you are new to therapy or if you have had therapy before, often making the first step and seeking therapy can be difficult, and finding the ‘right’ therapist confusing.

We understand that often life’s challenges, traumas, dilemmas, losses, anxieties and depressive moods can move you away from the very realization that something is not working out in life. We believe that making the choice to engage in therapy can be a life-changing experience that brings long-lasting positive outcomes. Our initial consultation with no obligation aims to provide the space and time that is often needed while reflecting upon life in an honest and responsible way.