Grief and Loss

Some would argue that the greatest music, like the greatest drama, is the saddest, and its greatness stems from the emergence of meaning out of discord, loss and pain.

For most people the loss of those whom they love is the most profound source of pain. It is the very transience of life that enhances our feelings of grief and experience of mourning.

For some people, the love and support that they have from their friends and family are all that is needed to get them through the difficult experience of bereavement. For others, specialists help and care are likely to be needed and beneficial.

If you are going through a process of mourning, you may find yourself struggling with overwhelming feelings and emotions that are confusing, unexpected and unwanted. Conversely, the experience of grief is not only normal and natural, but also necessary to ensure your future emotional and physical well being.

The experience of grief is private and personal and there isn’t one way to describe it. Some suggest that going through stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance  is often observed. The experience of intense emotions and swift change in mood are also common.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel inadequate and unable to cope with different aspects of your life, talking to a therapist outside your social network can help you understand and overcome difficult emotions and confusing thoughts that may be keeping you in the swirl of a continuous state of grief and impacting on your physical and psychological well being.

It is only through the awareness of our finitude that we can engage with life in a fulfilling and meaningful way.