Malcolm Freeman

Qualifications and Professional Body Memberships

I am UKCP registered psychotherapist with several years experience within the charities sector, the NHS, and an Employee Assistance Programme, as well as within my own private practice.  My interest in becoming a psychotherapist dates back to 2001 when I undertook an introductory course at the Institute of Psychoanalysis.  Since then I have studied at Regent’s College in London, completing their foundation course, an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and an Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy. I am also covered by Professional and Public Liability indemnity insurance.


I see philosophy in this context as a personal engagement in which we can consider the way we are living, our relationship with others and with our world, and reflect on age old philosophical questions such as ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here?’, ‘how do I live my life?’, and so on. In reflecting on these questions we place ourselves in a position to evaluate our own meanings, thoughts, emotions, and values. We can also consider what it is to find ourselves in an embodied existence born into a certain time and culture, and where we find ourselves in the world, and how that ties in with notions such as freedom, choice and responsibility.

Way of working

I intend to consider the issues that you bring to therapy sessions without forcing your experiences to fit into any particular theoretical models, although I am, of course, influenced by my own experiences of life, including my training as a psychotherapist.    I can offer you a space in which we can explore your experiences together, and the meaning and values that go with them. The aim of these sessions will be to expand your understanding and insight.   This, for me, makes the therapeutic  experience a philosophical enquiry into how one is living. By staying with the phenomena that are presented in a psychotherapeutic session we can draw out meanings, values and perspectives that have shaped your thinking and experience of  living, and even challenge and change these if you so choose.