Dr Shibu Karippai

BA in Philosophy, BSc in Psychology, Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, CPsychol

My philosophy

My belief in life is that every human existence is second to none in its value, which is independent of any aspect of being human. It does not matter where one is, within the contextual constraints, choices to carve one’s own destiny are within reach for anyone.

Life is a continuous journey of discovery and possibilities. In that journey, even the best warrior makes mistakes. However painful it might be to swallow the bitterness of failure in life, the possibility to start all over again is always at hand. It is immensely rewarding to see someone, in spite of all the terror and the pain it takes, coming to terms with one’s own past and allowing oneself to be human, to journey with childlike wonder and excitement.

Way of working

It is all too human to feel lost, stuck, directionless, hopeless, demotivated, depressed, bereaved, overwhelmed and helpless for a countless number of reasons at different points in life. In such moments, I believe that a safe and non-judgemental space to witness and to validate the experience can empower the individual to make sense of it all at his or her own pace.

Making sense of where you are could mean exploring your own ‘life-map’. Of course this map has taken shape through a myriad of complex factors of your whole being so far in your life. Such an exploration of your own life-map is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that equips you to choose a future direction of your life that is most fulfilling for you. In my approach we will give a specific focus to our work within a defined set of time, depending on your particular needs. Of course, as the journey progresses, you may reach the goal you have been aiming for before an estimated time or you may feel the need to extend the length of your journey.

Professional experience

Besides my private practice, I have been privileged to work in various organisations, to name but few NHS counselling service and Mind, where I meet clients from all walks of life with issues related to stress, depression, bereavement, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, sexual identity and many other psychologically related issues. I have a special interest in psychological mechanisms at work in individuals who want to follow their dreams which often requires a thorough exploration of ones’ present context, discernment of heart’s true longings and forces pulling in opposite directions. This in turn empowers the individual to journey towards the fulfilment of greater potential in life.

Qualifications and Training background

With my roots in India and being trained in philosophy and psychology in the West, I consider myself a blend of East and West. I hold degrees in philosophy and psychology and a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, HCPC registered.