Stephanie Gerra

My Philosophy

I believe life is an amazing gift that deserves to be lived to the full.  In order to do this, I am convinced that we need to understand what creativity really is; our innate capacity to consciously co-create our own existence at every given moment.  I know myself how hard it is to remember this fact in the face of all life’s challenges and difficulties.  It’s a bit like being a sailor who loses sight of her guiding star in a cloudy storm.  In those instances of crisis and turmoil it can be so tempting to go to a disempowered place and to feel like a victim; to forget that the guiding star is there whether we can see it or not.  It is at these times of forgetfulness when it can be extremely useful for someone else to remind us of the ‘star’ but also of our own, internal innate capacity for evolution and human revolution.  And this, is how I see my role as therapist; to remind you that you have within you the power to heal your life and to make it as beautiful, rich, successful and fulfilling as you want it to be.

That said, the process of self-realisation and self-actualisation usually takes time, commitment and hard work; often unappetising qualities in our culture where the ‘quick fix’ is king.  Being willing to become more of who we really are can also be a painful journey.  Forging this new inner ground usually requires that we let go of ways of being we are attached to and also demands that we unearth experiences and memories from the past.  However, if you are willing to face these things with, transparency, courage, honesty and the genuine will to heal, I have every confidence that your life can be and will be transformed.

The Way I work

I work in an integrative and imaginative way.  Most of what we will do in our sessions is talking therapy but occasionally, if it feels right, I will encourage you to draw or free-write as a way of helping your process to flow.  I will make use of guided visualisations occasionally too and I am a great believer in creative-journal keeping as a way of further containing the process that is activated by the therapeutic relationship.  Keeping these sorts of notes is a great way of telling your unconscious that you are taking it seriously.  It is also a great discipline for fostering and nurturing your creativity and a wonderful way of charting your growth and progress over time.

I should add that I also work in a very, ‘inside-outside’ way.  By that, I mean that I am very persistent in tracking your feelings and internal felt experience.  It’s not enough to intellectually grasp things in life or in the therapy room.  In fact, to go for intellectualisations is often a very good defence against changing anything.  In my experience it is only when insights are truly ‘felt’ that shifts in ways of being really happen.  So, at times, you may experience my focus on this aspect of our work together quite intense and challenging.  Remember though, that my context at all times is, to work with you in a safe and loving way so that we can focus with absolute honesty and precision on what it is that you want to change.

Professional Experience

I qualified as a counsellor in psychosynthesis in 1999 and received my diploma and MA in psychotherapy in July 2002.  Since 1997 I have run a psychotherapy practice in central London.  I was a trainer at the Institute of Psychosynthesis for 4 years, taught an introductory course to Psychoysnthesis at Birkbeck College (London University) for 3 years and have run a course on Psychology & the Voice at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

As well as running my private psychotherapy practice, I offer group or one to one clinical supervision for qualified psychotherapists and students still in training.

In terms of professional development, I am very interested in Davanloo’s ISTDP model and am integrating some of its methodology in my therapeutic work.

Qualifications: UKCP registered, Member of BACP, BA Hons, Dip Couns, Dip Psych., MA Psychotherapy Mddx.