Dr Teresa Karippai

BSc(Hons)Psychology; DPsych; CPsychol

My philosophy

The ripples we create with our way of being travel beyond our awareness. Expanding awareness creates choices, new ways of engaging with the world. There is a way to go beyond our limitations, beyond the bounds of familiar and habitual patterns and to discover different solutions to the challenges we face. Understanding how to live with (or even strive on) the uncertainties in life can help us overcome the stumbling blocks that prevent us from moving forward and uncovering new possibilities that are always available to us.

I believe that the world you want and the choices you have, begin within you, everything counts and nothing is neutral. How you approach the challenges on your way determines the way you can solve the riddle of what it is you have to offer to yourself, the ones you love and the world you live in. We can only perceive the world through the filter of our story and as we widen our awareness we can find a way to go beyond our history and habitual ways of being and engaging with life. .

The way I work

Engaging in therapy can help you expand your awareness and challenge habitual ways of being in the world. Finding balance and maintaining good psychological health takes courage and commitment that we all have within us. Weekly therapy sessions can provide the time and space for you to search and rediscover a more self-empowered way to live.

Therapy will provide you with the unique opportunity to reflect and move inward. My approach is warm, compassionate and firm. I would encourage you to take steady practical steps towards understanding the concerns you have with more enriched meanings. By taking an honest look at your choices, thoughts, emotions and behaviours you can create a way in engaging with life that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

In my work I aim to tailor my approach according to your needs and concerns, in the midst of a collaborative dialogue where you will be continuously empowered and inspired to arrive at a place of greater clarity and inner strength. Fulfiling a purposeful therapeutic journey is a demanding endeavour, one that requires an investment of your resources and most of all of your time. It is a process where the synergy from my passion, dedication, experience and qualifications comes to be at your service.

I provide individual, couples and family therapy and counselling, and I also facilitate different training and workshops. I  incorporate different elements from science, psychotherapy, mindfulness, energy psychology and spirituality in order to create an approach that is unique to you.

Experience and qualifications

I begun my journey in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy in 2002 when I started BSc degree in Psychology. I have completed a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Regent’s University in London. I have a full Chartered membership of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and I adhere to their code of ethics. My work is regulated by HCPC UK (Health and Care Professions Council). I also studied classic literature and philosophy at an undergraduate level.

My experience ranges from leading multidisciplinary teams in mental health settings within the NHS, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to being a volunteer with a number of charitable organisations providing psychological support to different patient groups. I continuously inform my practice by engaging in research and academia. I am also one of the Founders of Terapia Consultancy.