Whilst the experience and qualifications of your therapist are of crucial importance, his/her dedication, patience and ability to develop a trustful and safe therapeutic space will foster long-lasting benefits and greater well being.


We work in the strictest of confidence and we adhere to the code of ethics of at least one of the main professional bodies that continuously regulate the standards of our profession – British Psychological Society (BPS) and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of our work, confidentiality is one of the core conditions that will be clarified and well established right from the onset of therapy.

First steps

If you are reading these lines, your first step towards recovery is already taken – you are actively searching for help. Therapy is a relationship driven process that requires commitment and honesty. Often coming to the realisation that something is not working out in life can be anxiety provoking. You are not alone, every one in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health issue at any one given year. Depression alone is experienced by over 10% of the population in the UK.

During your initial consultation we will help you to identify and clarify your concerns and needs, as well as find the best treatment approach according to the latest developments and research. It provides you with the opportunity to discuss how therapy can be helpful to you and through dialogue to establish whether you can work with your therapist.


We believe that the value of what we offer is always determined by the quality of your experience and the effectiveness of our services in helping you overcome emotional and psychological difficulties.

The fees will be negotiated during the initial consultation with your therapist. You might be asking yourself why not a flat fee for everyone.  Fee for each session can depend on a number of factors such as the day and time of the therapy session, and especially your circumstances. But more importantly, our vision is to reach out to as many individuals as possible. Of course, your circumstances will be taken into account. But as much as we endeavour to be fair towards everyone, we trust also in your ability to appreciate the time and resources that a therapist is willing to provide you with during the entire length of your therapy.


We recognise that life often gets in the way and so a clear understanding of the cancellation procedure will be established during the initial consultation with your therapist.

Health insurance cover

Many of our therapists are registered with a number of health insurance providers. You can always make an enquiry when you contact us.

Book an appointment

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