If you have come to this page of our website, you must have been building up the courage to start looking around for support that is available to you and we hope that the following paragraphs at least to some extend validate the experiences you have been through and re-assure you that building up trust in and having the need for another human being is possible despite the fears and reservations you understandably may have about it.

As you may know, psychological trauma is an emotional injury, usually resulting from an extremely stressful or life-threatening situation, which may have lasted a few hours or for years. One of the root causes of psychological trauma can be physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual abuse that you may have suffered.

The word abuse may for a long time been alien to you.  To admit that you have been abused is not always easy, especially if your abuser was someone you had trusted wholeheartedly and was meant to take care of, love and appreciate you. You may have forgiven and given them another chance on many occasions, but your trust was abused and you were traumatised.

Effects on you

However, there must have come a breaking point in your life at which you have realised that you have alienated all your friends, created a wall of secrecy with your parents, have the need to wear long-sleeved tops so that to cover the bruises. Emotionally, you may have lost your gusto for life and happy bounce that you once had. You may have started self-medicating through increased intake of alcohol, recreational or prescription drugs. Your confidence and self-esteem levels have decreased and you have become convinced that you are not worth much. Your body image has altered and you have very little liking for who you are. Fleeting thoughts of self-harm or ending it all are rather familiar to you, but you have managed to find a reason not to act on them.


If any of the above rings true to you and you would like to be able to look into some of the reoccurring memories, thoughts, or flashbacks about the past events or relationships, we would like to offer you a confidential and non-judgemental space where you can try to gradually reconnect with your self, your body, and another human being. Your desires, wishes, and needs will be respected and the work will be done at the speed and depth that you feel ready for. If you are looking for a therapist London, contact us.

We offer also Body image group therapy as well as Relationships group therapy.